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How To Afford A Home With Amazing Views

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Many of us would love to wake up to amazing views every morning. Unfortunately, affording a home with an incredible view isn’t easy – a stunning vista can often push the price of a home up considerably. That said, there are some ways in which you can reduce the cost of amazing views. Below are just a few tips to consider. 

Opt for an apartment

Apartments will often give you access to some of the best views. This is particularly the case in cities – houses may be harder to come by in attractive city locations, whereas you’ll find plenty of apartments such as these ones provided by Meriton. Upper storey apartments can offer more stunning views than any house because of how high they are. In fact, they’re often a great way of securing sea views without having to find a property right on the seafront – because they rise above houses, they can offer sea views from much further back. Despite these better views, apartments are often cheaper than houses because they offer less space. If you don’t need lots of space, they’re generally the best option for affording an amazing view. 

Consider a fixer-upper

Some homes may offer incredible views but may be cheaper than surrounding homes because they are in poorer condition. For those who are willing to do some renovating, these homes can be a great option for affording an amazing view. Just make sure that you understand exactly why a home is in disrepair before you buy it. A dilapidated home by the sea may be damaged due to neglect, or it could be damaged due to flooding – while a home in a high-risk flood zone will be cheaper to buy, you could find that it’s not worth the stress of taking on. This guide at The Spruce offers more tips for buying a fixer-upper. 

Consider a new build

New builds are often constructed on the outskirts of towns and cities where they can boast magnificent unspoilt rural views. Such properties are cheaper than older properties and may even be bought at a discounted price or bought with funding assistance if you are a first-time buyer. The catch? These amazing views don’t always last forever as it’s possible further land nearby may eventually be bought and developed. It’s worth looking into future development plans in the area when buying these properties – your brilliant view could end up being blocked out by a new house or new apartment block in several years’ time. 

Look for properties with unexplored potentialIt may be possible to access incredible views by developing certain properties. For example, some properties may have incredible views from their attic – by converting this space into a bedroom and adding a larger window, it may be possible to take in these views. In some cases, it may even be possible to build extensions or outbuildings in order to access great views. Even when taking into account the cost of buying and developing these properties, it could still work out cheaper than buying an existing property that already has these views. Just be wary of the fact that planning restrictions in some areas may make it impossible to make certain improvements such as adding extra windows, balconies or extensions – make sure to look into this before buying such a property.

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