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Men Of Substance – Harry Jowsey

Social media these days is a fast paced game to get involved in, it can either make you or break you! The possibilities are endless if you choose to be wise with it! On my latest series of #MenOfSubstance I got the opportunity to interview Reality Star and I’d like to think good mate over the years Harry Jowsey, on his social media & life after reality.


My name is Harry Jowsey, I just turned 22. I am a bit of a reality TV hoe and I run a few companies. I was born in a small country town named Yeppoon in central Queensland, but I know reside in Auckland with my best friend and business partner Kristian Barbarich. However, we are hopefully moving to LA in September!

Whats your story?

Essentially, my childhood and teenage years were spent on our farm feeding my bull Nigel mangoes and our summers spent in our holiday batch in Golden Bay, New Zealand. Selfies and social media was kind of weird concept in these areas, if you were posting selfies online you were seen as arrogant and stuck up. So there wasn’t much of a desire to pursue any social media opportunities in my teenage years. Starting my double degree at University, I got bored of doing the same shit in day in & day out. I remember laying in bed one night when it all finally clicked and I knew it wasn’t an opportunity to be missed, since then I have spent so much time, money and effort into growing my account to where it is at. Which has been the best thing I have ever done! Social media has helped me form a new hunger for myself, it has helped me positively impact so many people on a daily basis which is the most rewarding thing and in turn helped me grow into the best version of myself.

What is the toughest adversity/rock bottom moment you’ve overcome on your journey to were you are now, and how did you overcome this?

My rock bottom moment would easily be the first time I had my drink spiked while travelling through Europe. Fresh off the plane and just turned 18, I was living and working in England for a few months to save up money to continue my travels through Europe. I went to Notting-hill Carnival with my friends and for some dumb reason I had all the cash I’d saved from working 3 jobs on me. Long story short, these “friends” ended up leaving me by myself in the middle of this carnival. Later that evening just as I grabbed one last drink before catching the train home, I ended up getting my drink spiked, beat up and robbed. All I remember is waking up in a bush with a ripped shirt, empty wallet, phone stolen, no belt, shoes missing and a bloody face. The journey home wasn’t easy, I was so out of it I couldn’t navigate my way home and ended up further away than where I needed to be and in deeper water. In saying this, it could have been a lot worse, I am thankful I’m still here to tell the tale and I’m glad it was me and not someone else. I definitely learnt so much from that!

What are some career highlights that you have achieved?

My biggest career highlight right now would definitely have to be winning my first TV show (Heartbreak Island) and turning that into a successful sunglass brand. I made an amazing friend on the show who turned out to be my current business partner and we are inseparable, taking the plunge to reality television was the greatest thing I have ever done. From opening doors to unforgettable experiences, it opened my eyes to a new vision and perspective on life. I wish I could really tell you about my biggest career highlight, but that won’t be till 2020. It is a game changer!

What is the goal for the next chapter of Harry Jowsey?

Our next move is to invade the United States, we have some extremely aggressive marketing plans for Kensngtn (our sunglass brand) which requires a big American push. We have so much cooking in the pipeline for the remainder of this year and next year, I can’t wait for it to all roll out! My biggest goal right now is to become a positive influence and bring happiness to everyone around me and in my online family.

Words of advice if someone was wanting to start their own business / social media?

Probably a bit lame, but just start! Everything has an end date, if you sleep on social media and E-commerce you will miss the bus. Start, make mistakes, learn, research and implement. There is nothing more rewarding than starting something from scratch and creating your own little online child. Most people are scared of judgement and to take that plunge, but I assure you it’s nothing but rewarding. You just need to be your number one supporter and give it the time and attention it deserves. Life’s to short to sit around waiting for things to happen!

Reality TV is weird, probably one of the most mentally straining things you can do. You need to be seriously prepared to be loved/hated by people you have never met before, it is a weird concept but trust me people are always quick to judge and be vocal about it. But I guess that comes with anything you do in the public eye! There is plenty of amazing things that come with it, so if you are thinking about doing it, just take the plunge the experiences and journeys you go on are unforgettable!



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