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Fashion Accessories That All Men Should Have

Fashion accessories tend to be something that females gravitate towards. However, as any male stylist should know, men can also adorn themselves with jewellery to create a unique look. Every man should have a number of different accessories in their wardrobe to complement their look, so in this post, we’re going to take a beginner’s look at some of the important things to own.

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Multiple rings

It’s not uncommon to wear multiple rings on your fingers. A ring should be somewhat subtle and shouldn’t stand out too much. If they poke out too much from the body of the ring itself then it can look a little distracting or even gaudy. In most cases, a simple band is usually the best option. There are some rings that have unique patterns on the band itself and these are usually the easiest to pair with almost anything. You should be more open to trying out different types of metal, but we suggest sticking to either silver or gold instead of mixing them together. There are also lots of rings made from sturdier materials such as iron that are easy to add gemstones and patterns to. We suggest doing a little research and looking around for unique rings to add to your collection.

Different pairs of glasses

If you need to wear glasses for vision purposes then this should be normal for you. However, even if you don’t wear glasses you can still get a pair of frames with clear lenses. Glasses can be a great way to frame your face and will add a bit more visual interest to your face. There are many different types of glasses and you can often browse online collections on websites like for more ideas. If you do wear glasses, then we suggest you ask your optometrist for your prescription so that you can buy glasses online or from other sources. When you do this, all you need to do is give your prescription and you can get a custom pair of glasses that suit your eyes. If you need to upgrade the lenses in the future, you can send the frames in and have them replaced. This is why it’s helpful to have multiple pairs of glasses.

A few good hats

Hats and caps can be a great accessory if worn correctly. Simple headwear such as a beanie is essential for when it gets cold or if you want to protect your hair. However, they can leave your hair a mess so we don’t recommend it if you have long hair unless you’re going for a scruffy look. Classic hats like a fedora or trilby can look a little gaudy and outdated, so we do suggest picking something simple when matching them, as they don’t always work well with modern men’s fashion and can cause style clashes. Baseball caps and bucket hats are a little more appropriate for casual wear and we suggest always having a couple of different ones in your wardrobe. Thankfully you can get them in plenty of different designs and colours to complement your outfit.

Picking a bag

The most common bag for a man is a messenger bag. These can look great when combined with similar or complementary colours. However, we don’t recommend getting too crazy with your bag. Pairing it with the overall style of your outfit is important. For instance, you don’t want to be wearing a backpack together with a casual suit, but if you’re into hoodies and sweaters then a backpack can be a great pairing. Don’t forget that a bag’s primary purpose is to hold your items, so don’t be carrying around a bag if you don’t actually need one! Consider the practicality of it too. For example, you don’t want to be wearing a small bag just because it fits your outfit. It needs to be able to hold your items and it should be functional as much as it is stylish.

A nice watch

Almost every man should own a statement watch. Watches can be surprisingly customisable and should complement the rest of your outfit. For instance, if you’re wearing a leather belt then I suggest matching your watch strap to it. If you’re aiming for a more casual or sporty look then fabric straps are a great idea. For something more elegant, metal straps can make your watch look and feel like a bracelet. If you’re aiming for a techy look, then a digital watch is generally preferred. But in most cases, a regular timepiece is perfectly fine.

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