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4 Reasons Perth Is The Most Underrated Australian City

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When people travel to Australia, a few cities always spring to mind. Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, and even Canberra all get a lot of love. These tend to be the typical tourist destinations, and they’ve all got one key thing in common: they’re in Eastern Australia. This is where most people like to travel, probably because there are loads of awesome cities close to one another! 

However, there’s one city on the west coast that deserves a lot of attention: Perth. It’s the most underrated tourist city in Australia, and here’s why:

Gorgeous city sights

Perth is a beautiful city with a lot of natural sights for you to enjoy. Kings Park is one of the best places in Australia – it’s one of the largest inner-city parks in the entire world. You’ll find stunning botanic gardens there as well, and the park overlooks the majestic Swan River. This river is another natural beauty that’s iconic to this city and offers long pathways for you to walk up and down. 

Perfectly placed to enjoy the rest of Western Australia

The entire west side of Australia is a beauty to behold. It contains National Parks, Australian deserts, and loads of cute wildlife. Perth is perfectly situated to help you see all of these wonders. All you have to do is head to a downtown Perth car hire office, get a set of wheels, and tour Western Australia. It’s the ideal starting point for a road trip, so buckle in and enjoy the ride. Plus, it’s very close to the absolutely gorgeous Rottnest Island – which is home to cute quokka and sandy beaches. There are so many incredible places you can visit if you make Perth your base during your trip. 

Loads of history and cultural spots

Perth houses loads of museums and art galleries, making it a hotspot for cultural tourists. You can learn a lot about the local area in all of the different museums, not to mention the iconic Bell Tower. This futuristic tower gives you 360-degree views around the city and provides loads of historical facts. If you’re looking to learn something during your travels, Perth will happily oblige in teaching you lots about Australian history. 

Stunning beaches

As you would expect from a coastal city, Perth boasts some exceptional beaches. None of them have the fame of Bondi Beach on the east coast, but all of the 19 beaches by Perth have a unique claim to fame. The city borders the Indian Ocean, meaning you get some genuinely gorgeous Indian Ocean sunsets every night. You have to spend at least one evening enjoying your food on a beach with the sunset in your eye line. 

When traveling to different places, it’s always good to find the most underrated attractions and cities. Perth fits this description perfectly as it’s overshadowed by the more famous cities in Eastern Australia. As you can see, Perth has so much to offer. It ticks all the right boxes for an excellent travel destination: beaches, natural beauty, wildlife, easy access to other tourist spots, museums – what’s not to like?!

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