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Let me first say sorry for the lack in posting and content on my website, I know right, how naughty of me, so on the topic of naughty this post will suit well 😀

This week I got an email from the guys at TailorMaid PR asking me to take part and come past Messina HQ for their Messina Dessert Class for #GLUESTOREXSUPERGA event to be crowned ‘Gelato God’ I guess you’re thinking YEP you had me at MESSINA who would dare pass that option off.

We first off got to try a few of the desserts made by the head chefs and trial their amazing desserts they had made for us lucky enough I hadn’t had lunch so I had lots of room in my stomach from the Fairy Bread mixer too the fairy floss pop crackle dessert, we were in heaven (insert drooling face) #canihaveseconds please & thank you hehe.

So basically we got put in 4 groups and everyone had to make their own dessert by first picking a flavour of messina gelato and decorating our plates with the ingredients they had supplied us with to finish our masterpieces off! Out of the 4 groups each group had to pick 1 yep only 1 they thought would go up against the other tables to take out Gelato God, The boys and I joking thought haha we have this in the bag slightly shitting ourselves as we thought a girl would win for sure.

Danny was playing around cutting up fruit, Josh was trying to be hell masterchef burning his meringue topping on his plate while mine was melting so i just decided to eat it so it didn’t go to waste haha

SO LAST BUT NOT LEAST Dylan saved the day with his beautiful creation he made that we put forward but yet still didn’t win haha but it was all fun anyway.

It was great to be involved with an event that was a little different and of course that included dessert for lunch, its crazy to think Messina is fairly new “2002” and they have over 40 flavours and do weekly special mixers as well!

Thanks to the guys at TailorMaid PR for bringing us all together for some fun for Glue Store X SuperGA thanks for the new kicks

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