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Foundational Items Every Man Needs In His Wardrobe

Most people think Fashion is about flair and verve. Of course, these things are important, but creating a robust foundation to build your style is also crucial. The good news is you can discover the most important items you need in your wardrobe that will then allow you to add your twist and show off your style. Read on to find out what they are. 

Classic white t-shirt 

Some may say that the classic white t-shirt is the most boring staple wardrobe item. But therein lies its genius! Indeed, a plain white t-shirt is the perfect canvas for building your masterpiece of style, because it goes with just about everything from formal jackets to blue jeans. It’s also neutral enough to allow you to add splashes of colour or texture in the form of jackets or scarves without running the risk of overwhelming your outfit. 

When choosing a plain white T-shirt, always look for high quality. 100% cotton, grown in an ecologically sound way is vital if you want to be an ethical consumer, and try to stay away from branding and logos and just go for the solely plain and clean option. 

Single-breasted suit

The workhorse of any man presenting a single-breasted suit, particularly in grey or navy, is a must-have both for work and play. Indeed, men’s suits are much more versatile than many of us give them credit for as they can be worn with both pieces together as a more formal ensemble, and separately to add a touch of smartness to an otherwise more relaxed outfit. 

When looking for a suit, opt for a two-button single-breasted version where you can. Pure wool, as well as wool-rich blends, are ideal as they are breathable and hardwearing while still looking smart and dapper. 

Leather biker jacket 

Another wardrobe essential that every man should have in his wardrobe is a leather motorcycle jacket. Perfect for adding a touch of edge to any outfit, the right leather jacket says that the wearer understands style, but that they are also able to take risks with what they wear. 

Of course, there are some major faux pas that need to be avoided when it comes to choosing leather jackets. Always avoid studs, spikes, and fringe when making your choice. Any more than a single buckle is a no-no too. Instead, choose a minimal jacket, cut in a contemporary style, and that fits your body well. 

Weekend bag 

A man about town won’t be staying at home, lounging on the sofa all weekend. He will have places to be and people to see, and to that end, he will need a bag to hold his weekend attire as he travels. 

Choosing a weekend bag means considering two important factors. The first is size, you’ll want your bag to be large enough to hold both an outfit for the evening and the next day along with shoes and accessories. Oh, and you’ll need to make sure that there is room for toiletries too. 

The other factor is style; you’ll want your bag to reflect your personality and overall look. If in doubt a simple, good-quality leather bag in brown is always an excellent choice for a weekend, especially if your budget does not stretch to designer.

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