5 Things you Didn’t Know About Your Smartphone

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Smartphone technology has come a long way since the early days, so much so that most people don’t realize the full capabilities of the devices. That’s a shame because smartphones contain some impressive features that can improve convenience and your life quality overall.   

Document Scanner

Of course, plenty of scanner apps exist that you can download to your phone and use with the help of the built-in phone camera, but that’s not the only way you can scan documents with your smartphone. Newer smartphone models allow you to scan documents using the built-in camera. 

Nowadays, there is no need to download a scanner app for your phone; simply open the phone’s camera, place the document in front of the screen, and wait for the system to register it in scanning mode. Both Apple and Android offer buttons in camera mode for document scans.  

Emergency Broadcast System 

The media landscape has changed significantly in the last few decades, and more people use smartphone devices to consume news and information than watch television or listen to the radio. It makes sense then for smartphone companies to develop emergency broadcast media.  

There is no need to switch on the television news for emergency broadcast updates; these are standard features of Apple and Android that need to be manually turned off. If you want to know the latest emergency weather or local government alerts, simply turn to your handheld device.    

Digital Library 

Did you know that your smartphone device is also a multimedia public library? If that doesn’t surprise you, you might be one of the millions of people that pay monthly subscriptions to media outlets like Amazon and YouTube for audiobooks, e-books, video content, and major movies. 

But public libraries exist for a reason. Public libraries help millions of people access books, media, and more for free. Now, you can access the same content on your smartphone using apps like Hoopla and Libby. First, learn how to change your ip address on android for results. 

Magnifying Glass 

Whether your eyes are not what they once were or you need a magnifying glass for another reason, there’s no need to visit the local supermarket and start hunting for a magnifying glass; you can simply turn to your digital swiss army knife, otherwise known as a smartphone device.

Both Apple and Android offer the option to use the built-in camera or a built-in app as a magnifying glass, making it easier to read small text when signing documents, take a better look at something in your immediate environment, or help an older person to see better at home.  

Metal Detector 

It’s unlikely that you will find precious metal or ancient artifacts with your smartphone; you will need a proper metal detector for that, but it can help you to find lost earrings and piercings that have fallen on the ground. Smartphone metal detectors utilize the magnetometer in the smartphone to locate tiny bits of metal that the device is in close proximity to. Pretty neat, right? 

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