Becoming A Man Of Unshakable Confidence

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As we grow up, we tell ourselves the lie that learning is the sole path to success. We believe that if we get a degree or complete professional training, we will have done what’s necessary to progress in our lives. 

Then real life hits you and you find out that none of that is true. It seems like what really matters is confidence and character. If you have that sense of self-belief and don’t place limits on what you can do, you can progress further than you ever imagined possible.  

So how do you become a man of unshakable confidence? 

Tame Your Inner Critic

Whether we like to admit it or not, most men have a loud inner critic. It’s an annoying voice that continuously tells us that we’re not worthy and can’t possibly be the men that we want to be. 

The inner critic isn’t really “you,” though. It’s mostly the thoughts and personalities of other people. You’re just repeating what they’ve said in your mind. 

When your inner critic speaks, try to create more realistic and kinder responses. Don’t accept what it says at face value because it isn’t always acting in your self-interest. Instead, see your mind as a tool to create the emotions that get you to where you want to be in life. 

Assume A Powerful Frame

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Creating a strong frame – which includes the way you stand and dress – is important for succeeding (and feeling confident in yourself). When you dress a certain way, your unconscious will automatically act the part. Even if you feel like you’re playing “make-believe,” it will come on the journey with you. 

Men who get Dr. Lars Heitmann FUE hair restoration surgery, for instance, will naturally feel more confident. Dealing with their hair issues can totally change their perception of themselves. They might even stand taller or take more risks in business ventures. 

Men who work out do something similar. Muscularity sweeps away their timidity and they feel more confident in going for what they want in life. 

Be More Equal

When you have low self-confidence, you tend to think that other people are better than you. You listen to what they say and then pick out all the insights you didn’t come up with yourself and say to yourself, “Ahah – that person is definitely better than me.”

It’s worth remembering that people curate their public image. It’s hardly ever the reality. Most people are just like you on the inside: insecure and scared. Try not to be like them. Just be yourself. Be something new. 

Do The Uncomfortable Thing

If you really want to grow as a person, doing the uncomfortable thing – the thing you’ve been putting off – is perhaps the best way to smash through your confidence issues. 

When we live timid lives, we feel safe and secure. But when we branch out into the world and put our mark on it, it can feel scary. At the same time, though, it helps to massively build confidence. Once you master your emotions, your life will take a completely different form. 

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