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Helpful Tips For A First Time Traveller


Travel is great for the soul and it’s like fuel for our imaginations. Being able to go and explore the world is one of the greatest privileges of being an adult and is a wonderful experience which we all should try at least once in our lives. If you have never travelled before and you haven’t ventured past your own countries borders, here are some of the essential tips which you need to think about.   

Make an itinerary 

When you think about travelling for the first time, it can be easy to want to just go with the flow and see where the trip takes you, and this is a great way to be. However, sometimes this can lead you not to experience as much as you may have wanted on holiday which can be damaging to your mood. Think about making a general itinerary before you leave which tells you where you want to see and how far it is from where you are staying. One useful way to do this is by using a vacation planner app to guide where you want to visit. 

Don’t allow others to decide for you 

For a lot of people who are new to travelling abroad, it can seem as if the best place to look for recommendations is the Internet. Although you can of course eat some inspiration online for places to see, you will also be led into going somewhere you wouldn’t have necessarily chosen before, just because it is the place to be. Don’t ever compromise on your travel and simply visit somewhere because everyone else thinks that you should. Make your own decisions and find a place which genuinely interests you. Even if it is somewhere most people haven’t heard of it doesn’t matter! Go with your gut and do what’s right for you. 

Travel with someone you trust 

The first time you travel, it can be tempting to set off across the world on your own in an effort to better yourself however this isn’t the best idea if you have never been anywhere before. Bring someone you love and trust with you the first time you ever travel abroad and this will put your mind at ease and allow you to relax into the holiday much quicker. You’ll have someone who is there to guide you through the airport and travel and when you get there they can show you how to check into the hotel and get settled in. 

Find out if you need a VISA

A VISA is something which you never think about until you go abroad, and there might even be some confusion as to what one is and the different types of VISA if you have never travelled before. Always double check with a trusted authority to find out whether your destination requires a VISA to enter. India is the most popular example of a country you can’t simply visit, so make sure you check before you start planning the trip. The last thing you want is to get to the airport and not be able to fly! 

Bring your credit card 

When planning to go abroad you will have to start thinking about spending money, and due to the currency differences around the world it will cause you to take a trip to the Bureau De Change to exchange your cash for local cash. However, it is sometimes not enough money to spend while you are away and this can be a problem after a night eating and drinking with your friends. There are some really useful travel credit cards which you can apply for and bring with you on holiday which won’t charge you extra for overseas usage and will even give you rewards for spending. It will ensure you don’t run out of cash in a foreign land and will allow you to make those spontaneous decisions during the holiday. 

Pack less 

When it comes to packing up your clothes for your first trip abroad it can be tempting to throw as many things in your luggage as possible and make sure you are prepared for every possible event. However packing lots of items will only increase your time packing at both ends of the trip and it will cause you to spend more time deciding what to wear each morning rather than simply going out and enjoying yourself. Think about packing a few simple staples like a pair of jeans, a pair of shorts, a skirt… and then just layering these with a few tops and bikinis and a dress. It can be simple and will be much easier to handle. 

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