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How To Look Cool On A Motorcycle

How To Look Cool On A Motorcycle

Getting dressed to go out on your motorcycle is entirely different from getting dressed to go out in a car or even for a walk. Not only do you want to look cool and stylish, but you also have to take the safety element into account. And although the movies would tell us that it’s easy to look cool when you’re dressed in motorcycle gear, the truth is that it takes a little more thinking about than just throwing on a leather jacket and being done with it. Read on to find out just how to look cool on a motorcycle, and you’ll soon be able to pull off a striking fashion statement. 

Photo by Rachel Claire from Pexels

Your Motorcycle Helmet 

Of all the items of clothing that are going to be most important when you’re riding a motorcycle, the helmet is the first thing to consider. Not only will it save your life if you fall from the bike, but it’s the law to wear it, so there’s no way around having one. The problem is, they don’t look very cool – most of the time, at least. They’re big and bulky, and they mess up your hair. If you wear makeup, it can be a disaster. So what can be done? 

Although you can’t do much about how the helmet works, you can do a lot to enhance the way it looks. You can either spend a lot of money on a cool-looking helmet, or you can buy a cheaper one (that is still safe, of course) and enhance it yourself. By adding stickers, decals, bows, or even clip-on accessories, you can make your helmet look cool and make it unique to you. 

Your Jacket 

After the helmet, the motorcycle jacket may well be the next most crucial element of your ensemble. There are various different styles to choose from, and a good men’s urban motorcycle clothing store will have many to look at. Finding the right jacket can make any outfit look fantastic, and since motorcycle jackets are made of leather, there is already an inherent coolness to them; it’s often the first thing that people notice when you’re dressed to ride (and, if you really love it, you can wear it when you’re not on the motorcycle too). 

It will pay dividends if you can take your time picking just the right jacket because once you’ve found it, you’ll be comfortable and feel great; it will give you confidence that is so important in life. When buying a motorcycle jacket, you’ll need one that has elbow, shoulder, and back protection and that can protect you not just from the road but the weather too. 

Add Some Colour 

The one thing you’re sure to have noticed about most motorcycle clothing is that it’s all black. And while black is definitely cool and usually looks great, it’s also somewhat boring, especially as all motorcyclists will be wearing the same colour. That’s why it’s great if you can add a touch of something different to your outfit. 

A bright scarf, for example, is a great way to do this. It will keep you warm while riding, and it will break up the all-black look too. Another good idea is a bright t-shirt under your jacket. That way, when you’re not wearing it, or it’s undone because you’re not on the bike, you’ve got a good splash of colour showing.

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