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Men Of Substance – Tom Simpson – The Iconic Men

Bringing you one of the most ICONIC men in the industry today and a dear friend! Someone who has really changed the way HOW men see fashion in Australia today and a real movement into breaking down the typical stereotype on the today’s NEW man and how it is okay to look good and feel comfortable in the way we dress & the way we express ourselves in fashion. 

Introducing Tom Simpson AKA @thetalesofman

Originating from the UK I studied Fashion design and then went straight into working for Topshop and Topman in the UK head office, I worked there for 7 years working my way up from the bottom. 

I was then headhunted‚ by recruiters here in oz and took the opportunity to come to Sydney with my wife and daughter Venice who was only 1 at the time. We had never been to oz before and didn’t know anyone so it was very scary! 

I took up the role at the iconic in July 2016 and soon became head of menswear which was my dream job. My wife is a very successful designer for Oneteaspoon and we all live up on the north shore where we enjoy beach life.

What is the toughest adversity/rock bottom moment you’ve overcome on your journey to were you at now, and how did you overcome this?

My career has always had obstacles, whether it be a new role or a new location. However, the biggest challenge was my current role and moving to oz and understanding the men’s customers here.

I have a clear goal of what I want to achieve within the men’s fashion industry in Australia. I want to educate and liberate men to be the man they always wanted to be. However, trying to get the guys to break from the norm is always hard.

With this, I created men of influence. A way to talk to men, not in the traditional ways but to educate them through a select group of men who they look up to and inspire to be.

I also use my Instagram page Tales of man as an educational and inspirational platform. I’m just an ordinary dad but try to show that you can break barriers and present yourself in a way that is new but still comfortable.

What’s your goal for the next chapter?

My life goal is just to give my daughter the best life she can possibly have. By doing this I will continue to work hard and stick to the beliefs that I live by. I will continue to travel the world to ensure I bring the best possible brands to the oz market that the guys can relate to.

If you would like to keep up with everything from Tom & everything he is doing for The Iconic be sure to check out the links below.




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