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Hotel vs Holiday Rental: Which Is Right For You?

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Hotels and holiday rentals are two popular forms of accommodation when going on holiday – but which is really the best option for you? This post compares the benefits and pitfalls of the two.


Hotels tend to be located in towns and cities, often with convenient access to attractions. You’re less likely to find hotels in the middle of nowhere aside from motels.

Holiday rentals can be found everywhere, including remote areas. You may have a greater choice when it comes to stunning views as is the case with this Hamilton Island accommodation. Holiday rentals can be a little rarer in city centres – hotels are sometimes a better option in this scenario.


In a hotel, you have to share facilities with other people. This can be great if you don’t mind talking to other people, but not so great if you’d prefer your own privacy. You also have things like room cleaning to contend with.

Rented accommodation gives you your very own space. You don’t have to worry about being intruded by cleaning staff while trying to lie in and you may even get your own private pool. Of course, if you like meeting people on holiday, this may not be a great solution and you may feel isolated.


In a hotel, practically everything is catered for you from food to cleaning. This can offer a chance to truly relax.

When it comes to a holiday rental, you have to cook your own meals and clean up after yourself. It may not feel as if you’re getting a break from housework. You may however feel that you have more flexibility as to when you eat – you don’t have to be in the restaurant for a certain time to get dinner, allowing you to go on longer days out.


Hotel rooms are typically nothing more than a bedroom and en-suite bathroom, unless you’re willing to pay big bucks for a larger suite. When travelling with a large group, people are more likely to be divided across several rooms. When travelling with lots of kids, this can be an issue. 

Holiday rentals are available in various sizes from apartments to luxury options such as entire French chateaus. In most cases, they’re bigger than hotel rooms. When travelling with a large group, it could be easier to stick together when staying in a holiday rental. Of course, you may not have access to a large pool as you would in a hotel.


Hotels tend to work out more expensive than holiday rentals when travelling with a large group due to having to book multiple rooms. That said, you may be able to save money with an all-inclusive hotel in which you get free access to food and drink. Just be sure to look out for hidden extra fees like parking and wifi, which can push up the price (these are typically included in the cost of a holiday rental). 

Holiday rentals may not be cheaper when travelling solo. You’ve also got to pay for all your own food. However, for larger groups, you’ll tend to save money overall compared to a hotel.

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