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When Things Get Too Much, Taking Time Out In Nature Can Heal You

When Things Get Too Much, Taking Time Out In Nature Can Heal You

Life can get stressful for a variety of reasons, whether you’re working long hours or you are going through a difficult situation at home. There is no such thing as compartmentalising your emotions to push through hardship. It is never a long-term solution. Nobody can ignore how they feel and expect to be okay. You have to listen to what your mind and your body are trying to tell you. 

If you are familiar with BTS, you’ve probably heard that the septet decided to take a break from musical group activities to focus on their individual careers, choices, and lives. BTS made it clear that they were not disbanding but explained that working non-stop as idols for the best part of 10 years (including their training years) creates a tough environment where it is difficult to define one’s own identity. The members expressed the need to rest before coming back stronger and better to their fans, ARMY. While media and organisations have expressed their views about the non-hiatus, millions of ARMY are taking online to spread love, support, and respect with hashtags such as #BTSItsOkayToRest, #LeaveBTSAlone, etc. The bottom line: People who know and love you will respect your choices, such as ARMY does for BTS. While for others, you do not need to care about them. 

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Why nature is the best healer

Planning a camping trip is the perfect opportunity to get away from everyday stress and change your environment. Simple things such as waking up with the sunrise and not being in the middle of urban traffic can work wonders on your mental health. 

Additionally, living outside can also naturally encourage you to adjust your living pace. Most people ‘live too fast’, rushing through the day. But, once you are on a camping trip with no other agenda than to have a nice time, you begin to take things slower, which will decrease your blood pressure and cortisol level (that’s the stress hormone). 

Don’t forget the little pleasures

Granted, it can be tricky to go to your favourite restaurant when you are sleeping in a tent in the middle of nowhere. But you can reconnect with the little joys of your childhood, such as warming up an apple with some sugar on the stove to improvise a homemade apple compote. You can pair it with a cup of hot chocolate. Companies such as The Cacao Club have delicious blends that can help you relax. Now picture the scene: Warm apple delight with soothing cocoa with a breathtaking view of nature. 

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Don’t think, do

Being physically active is a given when you go camping. Whether you choose to hike or to take your bicycle with you, chances are that your days will be spent with sporty adventures. It can be beneficial in more than one way. 

As you explore your surroundings, you can get to see more green, which can be a rare sight in cities. Spending more time outdoors means more sunlight, which is a natural boost for your mood. Last but not least, physical activities increase the production of feel-good hormones. 

In conclusion, taking a rest is the best thing you can do when things get overwhelming. Spending time in nature can reconnect you to simple pleasures while influencing your biology. 

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