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Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia

Popping that cherry and losing my fashion week virginity…

I knew this would be my most favourite time of year, were people get to really express themselves through individual style & creativity!

Fashion week we celebrate upcoming emerging designers to already established designers & labels,

Fashion week for me started on the Monday DAY 2 i had the pleasure to be dressed by Canadian apparel brand Kit & Ace which let me tell you is the most comfortable clothing brand I think I have ever worn. Kit & Ace flagship store has just open at 5 Martin Place Sydney. Now standing around all day in between shows will be a little more comfortable thanks to the guys.



Hat: The Noir

Shades: ASOS Geometric Sunglasses

Blazer: Bomber Blazer

Plymouth Button Up & Chase Pants by Kit & Ace

Shoes: Watts Black Chelsea Boot

Photographer Sara Heaven + Sara Heaven Facebook

First show of the day Misha Collection by Michelle Aznavorian

Now if you want to start your show off with a bang you get Bella Hadid to open by walking first in your runway show, this was by far one of my most favourite shows of the week, simply and elegant designs and staying very neutral with the colour choices but still making a very BOLD impact.

These were some of my top picks below




Photo’s by Sara Heaven

Next show of the day was AJE

A-j-e was really making me feel like I was taking back to the 70’s it was all about the Denim & Frills

You can never go wrong with denim

Last but not least finishing my day off at the Zhivago Runway show

which was a pretty perfect collection to finish on keeping it very chic with a hint of WOW! using sequin throughout the collection to draw in your attention

The best thing about fashion week is that yep it goes for a week

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia DAY 3


Chontel & I keeping it more edge with out outfits on this day

Jumpsuit: Asos Slim Boiler Suit

Leather Jacket: H&M

Shoes: Dr Martens

Photographer: Sara Heaven

Day 3 we only had 1 show which was the Steven Khalil

O M G words can not discribe how amazing & phenomenal this collection was the detail to some of the pieces to how they just worked off each other

This was my pic below, sheer is 100% making a come back and isn’t it just amazing.



Photo’s by Sara Heaven



Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week DAY 4




Beanie: ASOS

Shades: ASOS

Blazer: Kit & Ace

Poncho: ASOS

Top: nANA jUDY

Pants: Kit & Ace

Photographer by Lady Drewniak

Day 4 of MBFWA we were up bright and early for C/MEO Collective

This collection was all about whites blacks & nude colours

View Collection here

Next Up was We Are Kindred which was all about flowie florals and a hint of colour coming through the designs

View Collection here

As fashion week comes closer to an end with DAY 5 here i decided to turn it up a bit and going all out with me Pink Bomber Jacket



Bomber: Demian Renucci

Singlet: Long Line High Neck Singlet

Photographer: Sara Heaven


We had We Are Handsome which was a very edgy Swimwear + Active line

Think bright colourful print

View collection here

Next up was SWIM which had 3 designers in it but the one that stole the show would of had to be the Bridal swimwear piece


All great things must come to an end DAY 6

MBFWA DAY 6 was a very exciting day as we go to see the emerging designs of today

My top picks for each label are below

The Innovators: Fashion Design Studio

Ox Blood Label

Ahmad Taufik

Pacific Resort

Model Citizen

Raffles International Showcase


Wearing: House Of Nineth Life h.o.n.l

Coat: Vintage

Photographer: Sara Heaven

It isn’t really fashion week unless you do an outfit change right?




Thats a wrap for this year and I’m so excited for what is to come at next years Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week 2017


Lots of love




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