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Men Of Substance – Liam Prince

Bringing you one of my good friends Liam Prince from the new ICONIC show Luxe Listing Sydney, which has just hit our screens this week on Amazon Prime Video Australia! Yes you can binge all 6 episodes in 1 day while in Lockdown, Your Welcome.

Liam and I have been friends for some time now and I thought while in lockdown I should start back up my #MenOfSubstance series and bring him on as one of my first guests back! Liam is such an amazing human, always smiling and inspires me with always being positive and can do attitude which you will see in the show.

1) Introduction

My Name is Liam Prince, 23 from a small town in rural NSW, Cobar. I currently work as a PA for well known Australian fashion designer and personality Camilla.

2) What is the toughest adversity/rock bottom moment you’ve overcome on your journey to where you at now, and how did you overcome this?

Moving from a country town as a young gay guy, friends coming and going, which is life. I think everyone over their life has had some kind of issue with how they look, their self-esteem, confidence, or Mental Health, I included. Maybe also choosing to leave a job that I enjoyed to better myself and my mental health. 

3) Luxe Listing Sydney, how did this come about and what was it like filming the show? Will we be seeing you in season 2?

I actually approached Simon as I knew the position was becoming available. I started and before I knew it, I was beside him in front of the cameras. It kind of just happened. Wasn’t my plan as I actually had no idea about the show, not sure it was Simons plan either. I won’t be in Season 2 as I’m no longer working with Simon. I doubt there is going to be an EA main character this time around. 

4) What are some career highlights that you have achieved personal/Business?

In terms of business, I mean, this opportunity is a pretty major highlight, moving from Cohen Handler to one of australis’s biggest fashion designers is also an achievement I’m pretty happy with, Personally. I was raised by the most incredible parents, who have supported me through any decisions in my life and I’m surrounded by an amazing and supportive group of friends and it’s taken some time to find my crew!

5) How was your Luxe Listing Sydney Experience & what did you take from it?

It was so much fun. The team behind the cameras, from producers, lighting guys, sound technicians were the most fun, and that’s something that I really enjoyed about the overall experience. It sounds dumb but I kinda just took the piss out of it all, I just enjoyed being there, I enjoyed the ORGANIC laughter and smiles. I was myself. I think you can tell when it’s not organic. What I took from it, remember, TV is TV, and the narrative is controlled, and don’t also believe what you see.

6) What’s your goal for the next chapter of Liam Prince?

I never wanted to, regardless of my mum hinting it over and over but I wouldn’t mind getting into TV or something. I would never be able to act because I’m too straight up. but as myself… I want to become the happiest, healthiest me… I haven’t thought much into the future yet, I’m a go with the flow kinda guy. 

7) Words of advice if someone was wanting to get into reality or a similar path?

Enjoy it, It can be misleading and the narrative can sometimes go off track sometimes. But your friends, family know “the real you” and “the real narrative” and that’s probably most important!

8) Do you and Simon still speak? Was he a good mentor to you? Tammy?

No, we don’t speak at all, I’d just say he’s done well to get Cohen Handler where it is. I wish Tammy all the best, she’d be a great boss and she’s always been super supportive. 

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